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"Let food and nature be your medicine"

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I am Julián Llopis, a doctor specializing in family and community medicine, dietetics and nutrition .
As a doctor, my vocation is to help people feel better, starting with a humane, close treatment and listening to the person who requests my help in the way they deserve.
Unfortunately, in our precious healthcare, we do not have that valuable time that our patients deserve, people who are suffering or have any concern to improve their health or well-being, since we normally have 6 to 10 minutes per patient, which makes The attention is often not due, devoting ourselves to a massive prescription of drugs without looking to solve the problem through other, healthier and more effective long-term methods.
All this leads many vocational doctors to frustration, due to the continuous feeling that we are not doing things as they should be and that the engine of our vocation, helping others, is often called into question.
My intention in this consultation is to be able to exercise my profession in a full way, with my knowledge of medicine, nutrition, natural therapies, healthy habits, and my experience as a nutritional advisor for athletes.
And all this from the comfort of the living room of every person, no more warm and friendly place, without having to waste time parking transportation, leaving the children to the care of someone, or ask permission at work, from any place could   Ask a question thanks to the technology we have available to us today.
If the prescription of any medication is necessary, it would be through an ELECTRONIC PRESCRIPTION that would be sent directly to the individual mobile phone .
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